Rob & Pierre

It was early 2006, when Rob and Pierre began dreaming up and creating Burning Man art projects together, little did they know that they would be sowing the seeds for what was to become Party Robotics. Several years and many projects later, Pierre and Rob decided it was time to focus their efforts on solving a problem; automated cocktail dispensing. They wanted the one off delicious drinks they were making to be repeatable, not messy and time consuming. In 2009, they combined their love of spirits with their technology backgrounds, and Party Robotics was born. The team set off on the long hard road of creating stunning precision cocktail dispensing robots.

The first iteration of Bartendro made its debut at San Francisco’s BarBot in 2010. It was a classy chap, loved by all with chipper charm and good strong drinks. There were however lots of improvements to be made and Rob and Pierre worked tirelessly to make them. Their business relationship grew stronger over the years and so did Bartendro. With its newest developments, Party Robotics is bringing the world the first portable, affordable and professionally built cocktail dispensing robot for events, home or light commercial use. Bartendro isn’t just one bot anymore, but a whole family tailored to suit different needs. In addition to selling amazing drink bots, Party Robotics is committed to building an Open Source Community to grow and expand Bartendro’s original functions. Components are being made available, enabling people to build their own contraptions with the hardest parts already solved.

You’ve all helped to make Bartendro and the pumps a reality by supporting us on Kickstarter. Party Robotics exceeded its funding goal by over $60,000!

Pierre is a roboticist with more than 7 years of robot designing and building experience. He has designed electronics for numerous robots at iRobot and holds an MBA and BSEE from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He is the chief mechanical and electrical designer and oversees all operations and manufacturing.

Rob is a software architect with a Computer Engineering degree from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He brings the hardware to life from low level embedded programming to server side database management. He is the founder of the MetaBrainz Foundation and MusicBrainz, providing quality community made open source music metadata to the masses. If you ever need to find Rob in a crowd, don’t worry, you can always spot his colorful hair styles from a mile away.