Nightclub and Bar Show - First Encounters with Industry March 24 2013, 1 Comment

After a long 7 hour slog, we arrived to pleasantly warm Las Vegas and went straight to the trade show floor to get our badges and check out our booth. We learned about the free cart load service and got our stuff unloaded from the car and set up our booth in the space of an hour. Our neighbors at Spiked Shakers were quite friendly, and other neighbors gladly lent us things we needed like fishing line, which is apparently one of the best ways to hang a banner. After setting up and checking into our hotel we went to Lavo at the Venetian for happy hour and mingled with Joseph and Brett from IPourIt. Then we walked down to Caesar's Palace where we attended the kickoff party at the pool with food and beverages being covered by the sponsors. Met several more people that were friendly and had lots of advice to give. IMG_3999 The next morning we prepared our bottles with colored water and got ready for opening hours. Even though our placement in the new product pavilion put is in an unfavorable spot behind a giant pillar, we still had a decent amount of traffic. We were targeted and found by numerous people that had seen the Kickstarter video. It was great to be sought out. A company approached us rather aggressively and even offered to buy us out; it was a day full of excitement. The following day, I watched Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue give a talk about successes and failures in the bar industry. It was rather illuminating to see how hard it could be in that industry. As the day wore on, I walked around several times and made alliances with some of the nice folks in the industry. It was overall a successful event, definitely worth our time. We learned a lot about what people are interested in and what currently exists and how we could collaborate with others. Looking forward to doing it again next year. IMG_4018