Beta release of Bartendro software is available April 14 2014, 2 Comments

If you fancy yourself an intrepid cutting edge sort of person, you might be interested in the new beta software release we're currently testing. This software release still has some known bugs and rough edges that we plan to fix before doing a stable release. But, we think that this beta release is considerably better (especially when it comes to the liquid level sensors) than the previous release. If you prefer to wait for things to be solid -- sit tight. Within hopefully a couple of weeks we should have the remaining bugs worked out. The fixes and improvements we have in store for you include:
  • A new "I'm feeling Lucky!" button
  • A lot of user interface improvements
  • An improved Shots interface
  • A taster button on our drink designer
  • Improved handling of the liquid level sensors
There are lots of other features and fixes in this release, so go ahead and read the release notes for details. To give the new software a try and have a spare 4GB SD Card to use in the process, start by reading the release notes and our upgrade instructions. Please, please, please read all of the instructions before you proceed to install the upgrade to Bartendro, ok? Good luck!