Website gets a Facelift May 15 2014, 0 Comments

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that our old website was decreasing in functionality. The blog and forums became inaccessible and for months, logging in was never reliable. Our site was under constant attack from spammers and people trying to hack the site. The spike in bandwidth caused our webhost to severely cripple our functionality and the ability for people to login was limited or locked out. So, we've decided to move to Shopify as our new host, where we can have a safer and more reliable environment for our users as well as a real shopping cart that we'll be adding more stuff to. You will notice that some of the places on our old site are not immediately accessible right now, while this is a transition period, it will likely take a few weeks for full migration to happen and all of our old info to find its new home. The forum that we were using is not compatible with our current setup, but we're trying to find a way to make sure we don't lose the old posts that people had put up. Again, hopefully in a few weeks it will all be running smoothly again.

As far as bot deliveries go, we are hitting snags on a regular basis, and they are mostly logistical in nature. It get's frustrating, and sometimes it feels like everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. The problem with setting dates, is that as soon as you do, something pops up that completely prevents you from being to hit that date. So, it makes me not want to set hard dates anymore. You should know that we are working as hard as we can and that bots will go out in the order that we received the orders. The current expectation is that a few bots will go out at the end of next week, and hopefully the remainder of them in the last week of May. In the meantime, relax, and make yourself a drink the old fashion way while you still can.

I should also mention that we'll be at the Maker Faire this weekend, so stop by and say hi if you're there.

Maker Faire Bay Area

A Slight Delay with Bots April 28 2014, 1 Comment

Up until this point things were going quite smoothly with our pre-order build, but at the end of last week we ran into some unexpected surprises. A couple of our vendors made mistakes on some of our parts, and our adherence to quality dictates that the parts need to be re-done.  Unfortunately, this means bots won't go out for about another week. There's a pretty good chance we will be able to start shipping around May 5th/6th. Sorry about that. We're so close. Hang in there. Meanwhile, we have started shipping Dispensers and kits. This is an ongoing process, and we'll continue into this week as we get updated shipping addresses and calculate total shipping costs. Thanks for your patience this far. Have a great week.

Beta release of Bartendro software is available April 14 2014, 2 Comments

If you fancy yourself an intrepid cutting edge sort of person, you might be interested in the new beta software release we're currently testing. This software release still has some known bugs and rough edges that we plan to fix before doing a stable release. But, we think that this beta release is considerably better (especially when it comes to the liquid level sensors) than the previous release. If you prefer to wait for things to be solid -- sit tight. Within hopefully a couple of weeks we should have the remaining bugs worked out. The fixes and improvements we have in store for you include:
  • A new "I'm feeling Lucky!" button
  • A lot of user interface improvements
  • An improved Shots interface
  • A taster button on our drink designer
  • Improved handling of the liquid level sensors
There are lots of other features and fixes in this release, so go ahead and read the release notes for details. To give the new software a try and have a spare 4GB SD Card to use in the process, start by reading the release notes and our upgrade instructions. Please, please, please read all of the instructions before you proceed to install the upgrade to Bartendro, ok? Good luck!

Pre-Order Update March 31 2014, 0 Comments

It's April, and yes that means new Bartendro hardware is just around the bend! We had quite a holdup in the month of March, with a key component stuck in customs for over 30 days. Apparently, the weather conditions of February in the Midwest were the cause of severe delays for many, including the officers of US Customs and Border Protection. The frigid winter this year was more extreme than usual, but fortunately that's all over now. We've been doing our best to get things done in parallel, so we're hopeful that starting the week of April 21st, we will begin shipping Bartendro Dispensers, Routers, and other components that make up kits. Fully assembled bots will follow shortly after, beginning shipments as early as April 28th. Image source: In their boozy dealings with Bartendro over the past few months, people have been discovering software quirks and bugs and telling us about them. We've been collecting those findings on a list and progressively fixing them. We've also been making continual additions and improvements to make our software more user friendly. So, thanks for the feedback! People with existing bots and kits will be able to upgrade to the latest version for free when it's available in a few weeks. I'll be posting an instruction guide soon on how to do that updating process. It may be a little bit on the technical side, so if you're not up for it you may want to find your closest teenager. As we mentioned before, we're in the in the process of moving to the Bay Area. We've found a new space and we're working on securing the lease. We'll take some photos of the new digs once we're all moved in and probably have an open house at some point where people can come by and say hi.