Back from Travels October 03 2013, 0 Comments

garran_engagementIMG_0725                     In the last few weeks, the Party Robotics Team has been travelling to rejuvenate and recharge. Some significant things have happened in those weeks too. Rob got married to Aleta in Bologna, Italy. Erin and I were there for the ceremony. It was very festive, and of course, much delicious food and wine was had. Meanwhile Garran proposed to his girlfriend Alexis at Stonehenge in England after being together for two years. It's been a significant year so far with many changes for everyone at Party Robotics, changes in location, jobs and relationships. We've been holding on though and riding the tides. After visiting Rob in Bologna, I did a little more travelling on my own in Eastern Europe to visit some new places and collect some thoughts and inspiration about our future direction. monsieur While we were away, another contender entered the drink bot making arena, namely the Monsieur.┬áIt's actually great to see others coming up with similar ideas in the drink bot world though. It validates what we're doing and gives us hope that there is a future for this industry. We will post a more in depth comparison about the similarities and differences of our bots in the coming weeks.   There are many emails in my inbox. If I haven't responded to you about something yet, don't despair I'm working my way through methodically. If you don't hear by Friday, you can poke me, or Erin again. Over the next month or so, Garran and I will be focusing on coming up with a good carbonated liquid dispensing solution. It will almost be guaranteed to make the bot less portable, but there will have to be a sacrifice for the gain in features. Another thing that we will be tackling in the near term is creating the ability to control many dispensers, like on the order of 30, simultaneously. There are a couple of bars out there that are really bogged down by the speed it takes to make their precise craft cocktails. We plan on doing what we can to help them out with that. On my travels, I met up with Magnus, one of the original founders of Roboexotica in 1999. He convinced me that Bartendro must be there this year, so we'll do our best to be in Vienna from December 5th-8th for this fantastic event. Locally though, there will be another BarBot event in San Francisco on October 25th and 26th at the Odd Fellows Hall. Maybe we'll see you there?