Quite some time ago we decided that we wanted to run Party Robotics as a maker company. Many of the parts and tools that we've used to create our bots are open source or open hardware. Countless Sparkfun and Adafruit boxes litter our work spaces and our prototypes use many Arduinos and Atmel microcontrollers. We're makers, and our passion drives us to build fun things for other makers and people who love projects created by makers. Our GitHub repository contains the firmware and schematics for our router and dispenser boards. Using Open Source tools like Linux, gcc-avr, avg-libc, avrdude, and Eagle you can follow in our footsteps and build your own bots. We'd love to see what you create! We will use this site to build a community around our bots. We're looking to other makers to help us round out our software and to build things that we've never conceived of. We'd love to have you join our community! Just create an account, set up your profile, become our friends and join in the conversation. If you would like to be kept up date on the latest Bartendro news and information about pre-orders and shipment dates, please follow join our mailing list.