Dispenser Bartendro Dispenser
We believe a superior product is one that gets out of the way, and enables you to get what you want done. Welcome to our favorite workhorse, the Bartendro Dispenser.

It uses magnetic sensors to keep track of fractions of a revolution, which ensures ultra-precision regardless of what's being pumped. With multiple levels of protection in place, there is no need to worry about damaging your dispenser even in extreme conditions.

An optional liquid level sensor helps you determine when something is running low, allowing for uninterrupted operation and bad-drink prevention.

Advanced features such as a manual override button and bi-directional control give you the control and versatility you need for your most demanding applications. Finally, multi-color lighting gives a modern touch while giving you valuable information on the state of the dispenser.

A Dispenser just needs to be supplied with motor power, logic power and serial communication over the RJ-45 connector. We decided on this interface connector because it is common and easy to connect to, these connectors are not compatible with Ethernet and may cause damage if plugged into a networking device. The connection can be hooked up directly to an Arduino or used in conjunction with one of our Router or miniRouter boards. Need application ideas? How about these: A pancake/crepe bot, juice bot, wine blending bot, coffee bot, timely pumping of water or nutrients for a pet, aquarium or tank of any sort, gardening projects, aquaponics, better controlled chemistry/biology/cooking experiments, etc. You will certainly come up with things we never thought of. Please do and tell us about it!


1 Bartendro Dispener

5ft Clear Tygon Tubing

2 Compression Nuts

(optional) 1 Liquid Sensor Kit


Max Flow rate: 700mL/ min

Minimum Motor Voltage (Vin): 12V Recommended

Motor Voltage (Vin): 24V

Minimum Dispense Volume: 0.5mL if using PWM

Repeatability: 1mL or better

Current Consumption at 24V: up to 500mA while dispensing

Max Vertical Tubing Length: about 10ft

Max Length of Serial Connection: 10ft


-Not Intended for Medical Use.
-Tube life (inside the pump) is approximately 500 hours of use.
-It is not recommended to keep the clear tubing immersed in liquid for extended periods of time.
-If storing long term, we recommended removing the beige tubing from the pump to extend its life.
-Please use and drink responsibly.