If you have a Dispenser with a solid red light, it may have slipped through one of our earlier test fixtures where a valid pump id was not checked. The pump is very likely good, and just needs its pump id to be updated. If you have access to the required tools, then give it a go, otherwise, we can replace the problematic boards for you.

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Estimated time: 20 min

Soldering iron
Avr Programmer
6 pin header
Raspberry Pi with Bartendro SD card

Step 0:
Unplug the motor from the dispenser and remove the 2 screws holding the motor in. Remove the board from the housing so that the header can be soldered into the holes that say 'J1'.

Step 1:
Connect the Raspberry Pi's Ethernet port into a wired router so that it can connect to the internet and your home network.

Step 2:
Go into your router's settings and figure out the IP address that the raspberry pi was assigned.

Step 3:
SSH into the Raspberry Pi using
username: bartendro 
password: hackme!

Step 4:
Download and install the required packages by running this command:
>sudo apt-get install avrdude avr-libc gcc
When prompted, enter the password from step 3.

Step 5:
Plug the programmer into the USB port of the Raspberry Pi and the header into the soldered header on the Dispenser board.
>cd bartendro/firmware/dispenser
This will reprogram the dispenser with a new pump ID.

Step 6:
Power cycle the Raspberry Pi with a miniRouter or Router present and a Dispenser plugged in. Once it reboots, the solid red should be gone and the LED should color cycle, we call this the 'idle pattern'.