Bartendro 7

$ 2,499.99

The B7 employs 7 sophisticated peristaltic pumps that work in unison to dispense accurate, repeatable cocktails. Use any web-enabled tablet or smartphone to select cocktails from a menu that only shows the drinks available to be made. In the administration back-end, new ingredients can be added to the list and those ingredients can be used to custom create new drinks, or modify existing ones. Save your favorites and discover new ones! This system is sanitary because ingredients don’t flow through any moving parts, so it’s easy to disassemble all the tubing and clean as necessary.

Precision dispensing technology enables you to do things that human hands cannot, like dispense a complete cocktail with 6 ingredients in a ½ oz pour without wasting a drop. We call these “tasters”, and they allow you to dial in a drinks to exacting taste specifications and save them so they can be reproduced deliciously, over and over. Shot mode allow users to pour shots directly and a trending tab allows you to monitor the most popular cocktails, as well as how much alcohol has been used.

Bartendro is perfect for many environments. Whether for home or business, Bartendro classes up the setting with its modern looks and showy personality. This bot is perfect for anything from a small party to large events, from the office to a wedding, a small restaurant to an ultra-busy nightclub. Making several hundred drinks in an evening is no sweat. Save money by reducing messiness, wasted alcohol and time.


Fully Assembled Dimensions: 18" Wide 24" Tall 12" Deep

Shipping Weight: 18lbs

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