Bartendro Dispenser

$ 124.95

If you care about dispensing precise amounts of liquid, this is the pump for you. After years of painstaking research and designing / building numerous drink bots, we learned that the best way to dispense alcohol is through a peristaltic pump. Why? For many reasons. The liquid doesn’t flow through moving parts, it bypasses the necessity for expensive flow meters (which usually also have moving parts) and with sensors, it meters the correct amounts independent of viscosity and density. These dispensers have their smarts built in. Typical peristaltic pumps can cost hundreds of dollars without control electronics, but we’ve done our best to make a pump that’s priced at the hobbyist level, but performs at an industrial level.

We've solved the hard parts, so you can focus on the delicious parts.

To get up and running the most quickly, we highly recommend that you use a Router or miniRouter board in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi and our software. If you get all of our parts, you can be dispensing drinks from your phone in as little as 5 minutes. Otherwise, you'll have to supply power and serial communication on your own. You can use an Arduino, or more simply a serial-to-USB board with the right commands if you have patience.  

Our Dispensers have RGB LEDs that can display beautiful color patterns to coincide with your usage, and sensors to detect as little as 0.5mL drops. There’s a user programmable button, and the ability to drive the motor in both directions. A liquid level sensor can even be added to detect when the source liquid has run out and automatically stop using it and notify the user.

Usage instructions here

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