Liquid Level Sensor Kit

$ 19.99

If you've ever hosted a sizable party with a large Bartendro, you'll know first-hand that bottles of your main ingredients can run out faster than you expect.

We've known about this challenge from the start and have strived to design liquid level sensing in as an integral part of our Bartendero Dispensers.

There are some people who don't need this feature, so we decided to make it optional to reduce the cost for those looking to get started.

The sensor works using differential pressure. One port is connected to tubing while the other is left to the open air at ambient air pressure. When the tubing is placed into a bottle, a little liquid goes up the tube causing positive pressure. When the liquid runs out, the pressure equalizes, and the bot detects that it's out.

Thresholds can be setup in software to calibrate the "out" level and a preemptive "low" level, although it should work rather well out of the box with "liquid sensing" enabled in the Bartendro options page in the software.

What's included:

A small polypropylene tubing keeper keeps the liquid input tube and the liquid sensing tube close together for best accuracy. Place about 1-2" from the bottom of the tubes.

2 screws to attach the sensor to the Dispenser board.

An adapter that makes the clear tubing fit properly onto the barbed fitting of the sensor.

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